• All our support to the agents who are acting in Catalonia, defending the freedoms and rights of absolutely all Spaniards, ”said Pablo Montesinos, who has attended the rally called by the police unions in front of the Police Stations.
  • The Deputy Secretary of Communication has transmitted to them “that they are not alone, that we are with them and that the PP is the party that defends the security forces and bodies of the State and that flies the flag of freedom, which is none other than the Spanish flag".
  • On the other hand, it has demanded that the Government act because "it is not the time to send letters." "You have to put order, activate the National Security Law and send the request to Torra."
  • "It's good news that Sanchez is in Catalonia," Montesinos said, although he has shown his surprise that this visit comes after Pablo Casado announced yesterday his presence in Catalonia.
  • “Beyond gestures, we ask the Government to act. It is your obligation to move from words to deeds. ”
  • “When we are in the Government, we will not shake our legs, we will do everything we have to do to defend national sovereignty and equality of all Spaniards. With the PP in La Moncloa, there will be order, there will be law and there will be democracy in every corner of Spain. ”

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