Headlines of his interview on TVE:

  1. The PP deputy secretary of Communication points out that the Sánchez Executive will have to assume responsibilities and give explanations, for which the PP has requested, among others, the appearance of the Interior Minister in the Congress of Deputies.

  2. "It cannot be that the Government vetoes questions to General Santiago at a press conference, that the Transparency Portal overcomes and that it tries to use our State Security Forces and Bodies to do things that do not fit in a democratic and rule of law like ours".

  3. "We do not focus on the Civil Guard, we applaud those agents as well as the National Police and our Army, who are doing a commendable job. We put the focus on the Government ”.

  4. Regarding the network of Facebook profiles also denounced by the media, Montesinos has announced that the PP has registered in Congress a battery of urgent questions to the Government. "We cannot tolerate that the Government of Spain could be behind these fake profiles," he added.

  5. It shows the need for the commission to be established in the Congress of Deputies to deal with the economic and health situation due to the coronavirus "get going as soon as possible and that citizens see its fruits as soon as possible."

  6. "We celebrate that the Government of Spain rectified, that Pedro Sánchez did, and that this dialogue takes place in Congress – and we also request that it be done in the Senate – with light and stenographers so that we can get to work defending the general interest "

  7. He insists that the PP's action has had two aspects: one, to propose initiatives in health and economic matters; and two, to denounce the erroneous decisions of the Government.

  8. “We demand from Sánchez efficiency in decision-making – and he is making very wrong decisions and political responsibilities will have to be refined when this concludes – and that steps be taken in the right direction so that the Spaniards who have spent so many days in their homes can leave as soon as possible".

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