“The first thing I want to do on behalf of the Popular Party is to send all our support to the State Security Forces and Bodies that are acting in Catalonia, all our solidarity with the injured agents. Yesterday's images were terrible and they have outraged us all Spaniards, ”lamented the vice-secretary general of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, this morning at the JUSAPOL demonstration in Madrid.

He also said that the Government has to react, and that order and Justice, have to return to the streets of Barcelona and other cities in Catalonia. "Sanchez has to react now, he has to put order in the streets and safeguard the freedoms and rights of absolutely all citizens," he explained.

On behalf of the PP, he has demanded Sanchez to apply the National Security Law, because Quim Torra can not be on the cusp of command of the Mossos and send the request to the president of the Generalitat, "to be established next of Legality, or assume the consequences ”.

He has affirmed that the Popular Party is on the side of the agents, the wounded, their families, with those citizens who want to live in peace and that order and normality return to the cities of Catalonia.

Montesinos has also reiterated the PP's commitment to the total “and real” equalization of the Security Forces, in salaries, more effective and better facilities throughout the national territory, “is our commitment and we will fight in all institutions "

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