• "The Spanish do not understand how today the PSOE, instead of criticizing the PP, does not break the agreements it has with the separatists in the Diputación de Barcelona and other institutions in Catalonia," Montesinos said in reference to the latest statements by Ábalos and Lastra.
  • On the other hand, the Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP has called on the Executive in functions "to place order once and for all in Catalonia" through the National Security Law.
  • He regrets that Sánchez's letter to Torra was not a warning: "that it complies with its constitutional obligations or stick to the consequences."
  • On the contrary, Montesinos has assured that who does have a sense of state is the Popular Party, “standing next to the Government in functions to do what it has to do in defense of the general interest, but also demanding that it take decisions once and for all in Catalonia ”.
  • "It is time to join the vote around the PP."

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