• “Ours will be a Government that defends loud and clear, without wrinkling, the Spanish interests outside our borders. The first thing Casado will do will be to travel to the United States to negotiate that the tariffs on Spanish agri-food products be abolished. ”
  • He describes it as "inconceivable that Sánchez has not done as his counterparts in France or Germany, who have negotiated directly with the United States the non-application of tariffs on their products."
  • “We will do the battle where we have to give it for our products. I ask for the vote to defend olive oil, table olives, wine ”.
  • He proposes a great state pact against depopulation and notes that "the fight against depopulation will be one of our priorities." Among other measures, it highlights the need for "a new common agricultural policy, in addition to eliminating bureaucracy for entrepreneurs and guaranteeing the best internet connection in all municipalities."
  • “Malaga, like the rest of Spain, deserves a government at full capacity. A government that cares about the real problems of citizens, focused on what unites us. We must concentrate the vote in the PP to move from the blockade to the reforms. Together we are stronger. ”
  • He assures that all the polls say that the only alternative is Pablo Casado, so he also appeals to concentrate the vote on the PP and the dissatisfied socialist voters.
  • He regrets that in this campaign there is no face-to-face between the candidates of the two most voted parties such as the date in which the debate is held, which will finally be today because the Socialists did not want it to be celebrated with unemployment data on the table .
  • "We support the visit of the Kings because they represent the best of Spain: our laws, our Constitution and our Rule of Law."

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