Ask the barons of the PSOE to say “if they agree with Sánchez to keep the pacts with the independentists” in the Diputación de Barcelona and several municipalities in Catalonia. "It's a very simple question, that they give their opinion publicly," he emphasizes.

He regrets that today Sanchez "refuses to break up with the independentists" in these institutions and ensures that the Government "cannot shake his legs" and has to act in Catalonia.

“We send all our support to the State Security Forces and Bodies that are acting in Catalonia. Malaga, like the rest of Spain, is with those agents that work to defend the freedom and security of all, ”he says. Send a "big hug" to the injured agents and their families.

"Law, order and the rule of law will always prevail," he defends.

He says that in the PP "we will be up to par" and "we will not leave the Catalans and the rest of Spaniards homeless" if we win the November 10 elections.

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