• It places Pedro Sánchez and all those political leaders who attacked the PP without waiting for the judgment of the computer trial, which yesterday acquitted the PP, to apologize to the Popular Party and its voters. "If they do not, public opinion will be very clear that Sánchez and the left do not believe in the rule of law," he says.
  • Denounces the irresponsibility of the Government of Pedro Sánchez in raising the United Nations We can enter the CNMV, the CIS or the Nuclear Safety Council because it goes against economic stability and certainty and because it implies the politicization of institutions that have Be independent. "Spain does not deserve that armchair marketing but seriousness and responsibility to curb the signs of slowing down," he says.
  • It requires Pedro Sánchez to stop “electoral tacticisms” and say if we are in the electoral campaign.
  • The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP asks Pedro Sánchez to pay the Autonomous Communities "what is his" and asks García Page to "break his silence" and explain to the public if he is on the side of the Castilian-La Mancha or the Sánchez's side and the minister who prepared a phantom report so as not to give the CC.AA the money that corresponds to them for public services.
  • He criticizes that while the Government refuses to carry out economic reforms and pay to the Autonomous Communities, if it has time to make new appointments of like-minded people in TVE.

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