Holders of their statements before the media:

  • The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP says that "Spain is no longer for more shows", and asks Sánchez to tell the Spaniards if he will negotiate with his natural allies or is already in an election campaign "so that we go back to the polls "
  • He warns that "if Spain is engaged in elections, it will be the responsibility of Sánchez and his personal failure", and stresses that the PP is "prepared for any scenario".
  • Ask García Page if he is next to the autonomous communities that demand the urgent meeting of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council or of Minister Montero, who hid in a “phantom report” to threaten the regions.
  • He explains that the Popular Group in Congress has presented a Proposal no of Law calling on the Government to enable a credit line at no cost, so that the autonomous communities and municipalities receive the money owed and can meet the payment of public services .
  • He criticizes that yesterday Carmen Calvo refused to respond in Congress if Spain is going to open its ports to ships of the characteristics of Open Arms when they claim it or if they are going to use Navy ships for these tasks.
  • He notes that the Government's immigration policy has been characterized by “the blows and improvisations,” as the popular spokeswoman in Congress showed yesterday.
  • It conveys a message of solidarity to the Civil Guard in Ceuta, as well as the support for the security forces and bodies that do their work on the Spanish borders.
  • Bet on the implementation of a National Water Plan agreed with the autonomous communities "so that we all go in the same direction", and remember that this has been one of the agreements proposed by Pablo Casado to Sanchez in their meetings, without He has responded.

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