Holders of their statements before the media:

  • The PP announces a parliamentary offensive presenting motions in Congress, Senate, town halls and CC.AA in defense of educational freedom.
  • “The commitment of the PP in the defense of educational freedom is total. It is absolutely intolerable for a Spanish minister to attack concerted education, ”says Montesinos in relation to Isabel Celaá's attack on freedom of education.

  • He assures that Pedro Sánchez has already chosen his travel companions, "the radical way, the worst way for Spain". “Hours after the elections, this hug was given with Iglesias, sealing the agreement with Podemos,” he remarks.

  • He accuses Sánchez of having started courting ERC and says that the tandem Sánchez e Iglesias is bad for Spain, for the economic and territorial prosperity of our country. "We have to exercise firm opposition against it," he said after criticizing that the leader of the PSOE had not returned the call on election night.

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