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• The PP deputy secretary of Communication underlines that "it is a lie that the alternative to the state of alarm is chaos" and defends that there is an alternative plan, proposed both by the Popular Party and by prominent constitutionalists and jurists.

• “With the ordinary legal order, the single sanitary command and the limitation of movement can be maintained. The problem is that Sánchez is comfortable with the state of alarm ”.

• Insists that the state of alarm gives extraordinary powers to the Government and that it should not be maintained for a long period of time and recalls that there is no longer any country in our environment that maintains this situation.

• "Once the worst has passed, there is a plan B", added Montesinos, who reiterated that the PP will vote against the new extension proposed by Pedro Sánchez.

• Denounces the attitude of the Sánchez Executive with the Community of Madrid and demands transparency, clear and objective criteria for the phase change and loyalty with the rest of the institutions.

• "If the government says that they are not political criteria, show the reports of all the Autonomous Communities and give the names of the experts," as President Isabel Díaz Ayuso demanded yesterday. "It is not being loyal to the institutions," he criticized.

• He defends that the objective of the Community of Madrid is to guarantee the health of the people of Madrid, but also to reopen the economy since said autonomy is the economic locomotive of Spain.

• He shows his understanding with the protests against the Executive due to "the indignation of a large part of Spanish society for the inefficiency, for his lies and for the double standards of the Government" although he claims "responsibility and social distancing" from the protesters.

• Criticizes that the Interior Minister has censored the protests against the Government and not the one that took place in Navarra in defense of an ETA member.

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