Holders of their statements before the media:

  • “I ask Mr. Puig to pronounce, once and for all, there are no ambiguities; either it is on the side of the constitutionalists or it is on the side of the independentists. ”
  • Montesinos says that “it is time for the president of the Generalitat Valenciana to say loud and clear if he is with Mr. Sánchez in maintaining agreements with the separatists in the institutions of Catalonia, or if he tells him that it is time to break with them "
  • He emphasizes that he has seen "a Popular Party of Alicante and the Valencian Community standing, in top form and eager."
  • It shows that "if the PP of the Valencian Community has demonstrated anything, it is that in complex moments it is put in front and always works in defense of the general interest".
  • He says that the PP focuses on the "real concerns of citizens", on those of "every day they open the blinds of their businesses and are concerned about the economic situation."
  • He says that "if the Valencians want a government that really cares about the real interests of the people, the vote has to unite around the PP, there is only one alternative to Sánchez and it is Pablo Casado."
  • Montesinos recalls that "if we want to move from the blockade and the reformist paralysis of Sánchez to the reformist impulse, we can only opt for the PP".
  • He has launched a “message of support for the State Security Forces and Bodies that are safeguarding the constitutional order, the Rule of Law, so that we can all do our daily lives normally in Catalonia”.

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