El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos


  1. The Deputy Secretary for Communication has sent a message of confidence to the Spanish because the Popular Party will be a retaining wall in the face of any attempt to undermine our rights and freedoms. "We are always going to fly the flag of freedom."

  2. "The PP is the main opposition party in the Cortes Generales and we are not going to allow drifts of any kind, nor is there an attack on the Constitution or attacks on freedom."

  3. "The Government is one. The president is Sánchez and Iglesias is vice president because he has wanted to. They will be fighting among themselves, but there is only one government. If the government takes certain drifts, the last person in charge is Pedro Sánchez ”.

  4. He stresses that it had to be Pablo Casado who urged the Congress of Deputies to keep a minute of silence for those who died from coronavirus and ugly the President of the Government and the President of Congress who did not take the initiative.

  5. Remember that the Popular Party has been asking for days to enact national mourning, as has been done in the territorial structures in which the PP governs. "We must stand by the victims, knowing that the entire nation is by their side, accompanying them in pain."

  6. He denounces that the actual number of deceased does not match the official figures and assures that “we have to count our deceased well in order to honor them. It is common sense and it is what the relatives of the victims deserve. ”

  7. He criticizes that Sánchez did not answer Casado when he asked him three times in the plenary session of Congress if he was going to ask for the European rescue through the MEDE program, as announced by the Italian Prime Minister in the Senate.

  8. "It is irresponsible. We are facing a health crisis, but also an economic one. The Spaniards deserve a government that tells them the truth and that conveys the plan it has to mitigate this adverse situation. "

  9. He welcomes the fact that the government's dialogue with all the parties takes place in the Congress of Deputies after the PP demands it so that "all Spaniards know what is being negotiated and what measures we are proposing", although he reproaches the Executive that so far there has been no counted on the main opposition party.

  10. After questioning the government's management in this crisis, he insists that the PP demands "efficiency to manage, transparency to be held accountable and humility to ask for forgiveness for his mistakes."

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