Wondering what communities governed by the PSOE think about this issue

 The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP urges Sanchez to “listen to the clamor of the Autonomous Communities governed by the PP, who have asked him to urgently and monographically convene the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council”

 He wonders what the communities governed by the PSOE think about this issue, given that it is about financing basic services such as health or education, and asks the Executive to look for solutions, “because it is not acceptable that, due to the blockade of the that is responsible Sánchez, the CCAA, that yes they are working, they can have serious problems ”

 Denounces that Minister Montero has used a “phantom report” for several days to try to “blackmail and threaten” the Autonomous Communities of the PP ”. "He lied to public opinion and the PP," he emphasizes

It demands clarity from the acting President of the Government and that he choose to “negotiate seriously with his natural allies and get to work to unblock the situation” or to tell citizens “that he is already in the electoral campaign and working for new elections”

 “If the Spaniards finally go to the polls, the only person responsible will be Mr. Sánchez, it will be his personal failure and then the PP will be prepared,” he warns

 Denounces that “Spain is still blocked and without a fully functioning Government that makes the structural reforms that the country needs”, and with a “head of the Executive in functions who does not show his face and refuses to attend the Congress of Deputies”

 Ensures that the PSOE has already chosen its travel companions, as evidenced in Navarra where it has chosen to agree with the nationalists, the radicals “and Bildu entered the equation”

He reiterates that the Popular Party will exercise an opposition “firm, coherent and with a sense of state, which means reaching out to solve the problems of this country”

 Stresses that the PP takes “very seriously” Spain Suma and that it will not close that door, because “in complex moments you have to talk, dialogue and negotiate in defense of the general interest”. "We want the model of Andalusia or the Community of Madrid, of lower taxes, more freedom in education or health, reach all institutions where the left governs today"

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