El senador del Grupo Parlamentario Popular, Pablo Ruz

The spokesperson for Education of the Popular Group highlights the parents' concern at the “negligent inaction” of the Government

The Education spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Pablo Ruz, today demanded that the Sánchez Government implement “a basic national protocol of mandatory compliance for all the Autonomous Communities, with the aim of generating certainty, tranquility and trust to parents, concerned about the education of their children given the negligent inaction of the Government ”.

During the defense of the GPP's motion, Ruz recalled the words of the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, in an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia, last July, when she said that "in September let's manage as we can." "I am ashamed that a minister of the Kingdom of Spain, a minister of all Spaniards, is able to affirm that in September that God will decide and the CC.AA to manage," he said.

The popular spokesman has assured that "we do not understand how they can justify the irresponsible attitude of what until now is the worst Minister of Education in the worst government in the history of democracy."

In her opinion, the Minister of Education is "out of the way" and shows that she is "incapable and negligent", in addition to ignoring the matter. “The only victims of this disastrous management of Celaá are the students and parents, not us. We are talking about the future of our children, of a generation that you ignore. Listen to the parents, listen to their concern and their fear at this uncertain start of the year ”, he said emphatically.

In addition, he has criticized the role played by the Ministry of Education at the beginning of the school year and has pointed out that a ministry, such as Education, “has to lead, take the lead, take the lead and generate certainty in the Autonomous Communities. , and show that the common good of all Spaniards is above their partisan interest ”.

On the other hand, the PP senator from Alicante has highlighted, during his speech in plenary session, that the PP is the only party that to date has talked about education in this Chamber. "It does not have to fill us with pride, but it should fill you with shame," he denounced.

In addition, Ruz has highlighted the commitment of the popular with six fundamental concepts. In the first place, he referred to "educational freedom and the right of parents to choose the educational model they want for their children." He then defended "the parental authority that some question and that LOMLOE questions, it is the parents who decide and choose."

He has also highlighted the commitment of the PP with the educational concert and has recalled that it was precisely the socialists who were the creators of this model. "It is you who take your children to concerted schools, but refuse to defend concerted education," for which he has criticized its "incoherence and cynicism."

Finally, the popular senator for Alicante has expressed the recognition of his political training for the "autonomy of the centers", his commitment to "special education, also questioned by the LOMLOE, and to equity".

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