The jury has motivated the recognition of the illustrator "for maintaining quality and freshness throughout a trajectory of more than forty years with a characteristic style. For his loyalty to the line and the assimilated geometry of some of the historical avant-garde of the Visual Arts, thus promoting the profession and children's and youth illustration. "

The Ministry of Culture and Sports awards this award with the aim of recognizing and distinguishing all the work done by a Spanish illustrator or illustrator in the field of books and letters in any of the Spanish languages. The economic endowment of this award is 20,000 euros.


Born in Valencia in 1954, self-taught, in 1974 he began his professional work as an illustrator and graphic designer. Since 1982, his work focuses mainly on children and youth, with the development of illustrations for stories and novels, as well as curricular materials, games, notebooks, cartoons, posters, exhibitions, round tables, conferences, workshops, animation meetings reader in schools and libraries, etc. He usually forms tandem with the writer Carles Cano. In addition to comics, he has individually illustrated more than 125 books and teaching materials.

He has won different awards, including: Lazarillo Award in 1989, from the Ministry of Culture for History of a recipe (Ed. Anaya); Premi al llaibre in valencià millor il·lustart of 2002, of the Generalitat Valenciana, for the work Els dos gegants de Sant Marcel·lí (Denes Ed.); Selected 'Withe Raven' by the Juguend Bibliothek in Munich, in 1996, for her work How do white and black differ? (Aura Comunicació).

He has participated in the most important professional exhibitions of the sector, among them: Biennial of illustration of Bratislava, 1989, 1991 and 2009. BIB, IBBY (International Organization for the Juvenile Book); Full color. 23 Spanish illustrators of children's and youth books, Ministry of Culture, 1989-1991, 2000; Story and figure. Spanish illustrators of children's and youth books, Ministry of Culture, 1996; Illustrious. Panorama of children's and youth illustration, Bologna 2005, Ministry of Culture; Europe a rêve graphique, Institut Internacional Charles Perrault, 2001; Kipling illustrated, Museu Valencià de la Il·lustració i de la Modernitat, 2011.

He has also participated as a jury in different illustration awards, including: 'Tombatosals', by Tandem Edicions-Ajuntament de Castelló; 'Sambori' of the Sambori Foundation; 'National of illustration' of the Ministry of Culture; 'Als llibres millor editats' of the Generalitat Valenciana.

He has been co-founder, president and vice-president of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Valencia and co-founder and secretary of the Federation of Associations of Professional Illustrators.


She has acted as president of the jury Begoña Cerro Prada, deputy director general of the Promotion of the Book, Reading and Spanish Letters. They have acted as members: for the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia, Clara-Iris Ramos Navarro; by the Professional Association of Illustrators of Valencia, Víctor García Visa; by the Professional Association of Illustrators of Madrid, Enrique de la Rubia Kozlowski; by the Galician Association of Professionals of the Enlightenment, Brais Rodríguez Verde, by the Professional Association of Illustrators of Euskadi, Ruth Juan del Rosal; by the Federation of Associations of Professional Illustrators (FADIP), Ricardo Blanco Blanco; by the Center for Gender Studies of the UNED, Sagrario Aznar Almazán; by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Star of Diego Otero; and by the Spanish Organization for the Children's Book (OEPLI), Marta Higueras Diez.

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