He says that Page, instead of positioning himself in favor of our land and his interests and raising his voice against Sánchez, is waiting for the movements of his leader

The president of the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, said Friday that Page will have to decide if he wants to be with Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE, or if he wants to be with the region and the Castilian-La Mancha in the General Debate on Autonomous Financing that will take place next Thursday during the plenary of the Regional Courts.

This has been expressed by the president of the popular in the region, after the meeting held with the Parliamentary Group of the Popular Party in the Autonomous Parliament, a meeting in which he has been accompanied by the National Deputy Secretaries of Communication, Pablo Montesinos, and Participation Jaime de Olano, to whom he has thanked his presence in our land, thanks that he has extended to the national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, who is having a “continuous presence” in Castilla-La Mancha.

Núñez has detailed that in the plenary next Thursday Autonomous Financing will be faced in a special way thanks to the General Debate presented at the request of the GPP, in which the hundreds of millions of euros that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, owes to the autonomies will be remembered and in which the president will be asked of the Board, Emiliano García Page, to be positioned.

“Sanchez's defaults create insecurity when providing public services such as Health to our countrymen and Page, instead of positioning themselves with the Castilian-La Mancha and raising their voices against their leader, he is waiting to see what he says to position yourself, ”said Paco Núñez.

In addition, the leader of the opposition in Castilla-La Mancha has said that the position of the PP of Pablo Casado in this matter is very clear, it is none other than to be a useful project to improve the services offered to citizens of all of Spain

For this reason, Núñez has stressed that “Sánchez cannot hide in reports that do not exist or be in functions to not fulfill his obligation as a government and provide services to the Autonomous Communities”, and has qualified Sánchez as “the worst president of history, incapable and inoperative ”, which instead of solving the problems generates them.

A great party and a great leader like Pablo Casado

Finally, Paco Núñez has assured that in front of Sánchez's project for Spain there is “a great party and a great leader like Pablo Casado” who has clear things and works so that politics improves the lives of neighbors, in this matter, the one of the Autonomous Financing, and in others.

In addition, he added that the PP of Casado is leading the national policy to demonstrate that without financing the autonomies it is impossible to cover the requirements with which the services are provided.

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