La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Paloma Gázquez

Holders of his speech:

  1. The Deputy spokesperson for the Environment of the Popular Group affirms that in 2019 45% of the Ministry's budgeted investments were not executed, one more fact that shows that “you are not prepared to govern and you are not prepared to direct a Ministry, he does not know how to manage or execute ”.

  2. He denounces that "many hoteliers on the coast are not going to be able to open because of the Government, for the terrible management of the crisis in the hospitality sector and for their terrible management in the Ministry." "It is the government of incompetence," he adds.

  3. He recalls that Europe raises the reconstruction funds, betting on the environment, the Green Pact, the sustainable development goals and the 2030 Agenda, but the minister "has not specified anything, only empty words and common places."

  4. "Are you going to do your homework this time? Or is it going to happen as in the de-escalation process that did nothing, did not present a calendar or schedule, itineraries or criteria or anything? ”

  5. He claims a “clear commitment to real circular economy. He has been there for two years and has not presented anything. Do you really have a circular economy plan for Spain? Bet on it? If you want, we can loan you our NLP, we don't care if you copy us. ”

  6. "You like listening more than listening, but the policy is to listen to the citizens, to execute, to concretize, just everything you do not know how to do," he concludes.

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