La senadora por Segovia, Paloma Sanz

The senator for Segovia warns that the Government must prevent the economic crisis from leading to a social crisis

The senator of the Popular Group, Paloma Sanz, has affirmed that "it is possible to avoid the rescue and collect more, avoiding massive tax increases and eliminating superfluous expenses of the" hypertrophied "bureaucratic structure of the Government" and has warned that, if the government increases public spending and increases taxes, this will affect job creation and, therefore, contributions to Social Security.

During the control session held this afternoon in the Senate, the senator of the Popular Group for Segovia, Paloma Sanz, addressed a question to the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá on whether the Government plans to freeze pensions and the salaries of officials. In this sense, Sanz recalled that the "biggest social cut in our history" ten years ago, during the Zapatero government and with the vote in favor of the then deputy Pedro Sánchez.

"Zapatero cut 15,000 million in pensions, salaries of officials, benefits for dependency and aid to maternity. That cannot be repeated, "said the senator for Segovia and added" if you increase public spending and raise taxes in the next General State Budgets, job creation will be reduced and with it the contributions to Security Social".

The senator has revealed the great uncertainty that is being generated in the general public and, especially, in the elderly due to the lack of concreteness of the government and because President Sánchez "refuses to answer whether he will ask for the rescue of Europe and how much is it going to cost us, ”and reminded him that“ Europe does not give anything for free. ”

In his opinion, "it is possible to avoid bailouts and raise more, ruling out massive tax increases and eliminating superfluous expenses from the government's hypertrophied bureaucratic structure", and he has warned the minister that "the economic crisis cannot lead to a social crisis" . Finally, Paloma Sanz has asked the minister to "pay the more than 25 million euros that they owe to the self-employed for the excess contribution of 2019 for multiple activities" and has reiterated, up to three times, the question of whether the Government It plans to freeze the pensions and salaries of officials.

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