La senadora del PP, Paloma Sanz

Paloma Sanz: "Protect vulnerable consumers, especially after COVID 19"

For the popular senator, the measures of the Ministry of Consumption during the pandemic "have been invisible, non-existent or late." "They did not protect either professionals or consumers and users" and has blamed "lack of prevention and mismanagement."

Paloma Sanz, spokesperson for Consumption of the Popular Group, has intervened in the appearance of the minister, Alberto Garzón, in the commission of the Upper House. Sanz has censured the minister for directing the Ministry "with a certain political demagoguery" because, as he explained, he does not understand that "the area of ​​consumption has gone from being a General Directorate to a Ministry" a department that "can be as broad as want or, as empty of content as you also want ”.

The popular senator sees "incongruous" that a minister of communist ideology is defending a ministry that "revolves around what his ideology detests the most: consumption." Likewise, he reminded him that the food industry, distributors, large supermarkets and organizations, among others, expressed their concern about the "dispersion of competences", and pointed out in a letter that the lack of coordination would imply an inconsistency in the system.

Paloma Sanz was referring to the Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AESAN), which has gone from being a Health authority to joining the organization chart of the Ministry of Consumption. "Defending a strong Food Safety and Nutrition Agency would help maintain a positive image of Spain" and has requested that AESAN "maintain its functions as a benchmark for food safety" attached to the Ministry of Health.


The last part of the intervention Paloma Sanz, has dedicated it to the economy and employment and has shown the concern of his Parliamentary Group about the increase in taxes. "You are talking about measures and measures approved jointly with other ministries and other institutions, but what are those measures?" He asked and added "describe them because we could not see the measures of your Ministry."

In the opinion of the popular spokesperson, the Government only thinks of raising taxes. "You want to raise taxes to pay the favors of your allies and government partners, the pro-independence" and has complained that the questions that his group has presented, have no answer "or have an ambiguous, inaccurate or contradictory answer" .

"You should not touch the reforms that have worked in Spain," said Paloma Sanz in reference to the labor reform. In this sense, the popular senator assured that "the PP defends the maintenance of the labor reform, legal security, economic stability, deficit control and lower taxes as the main postulates to create wealth." "After a hundred days with exceptional powers, they have not achieved a new normality, but a harsh reality with 40,000 compatriots who are missing", he concluded.

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