Cartagena, July 29, 2020.- The only VOX deputy in the Regional Assembly, Pascual Salvador, has voted against the validation of Decree-Law 8/2020 that establishes the sanctioning regime for non-compliance with the prevention and containment measures applicable in the Region of Murcia to face the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.

Salvador has defended that physical and legal persons are named in the subjective scope of application, but does not foresee that Public Administrations also have responsibility over their workers, which is why the deputy has admitted that Public Administrations "are responsible for guaranteeing the safety and health of all Spaniards and, especially, of public workers. Neither the nation's government nor the autonomous governments, in most cases, are fulfilling their duty to protect. ”
The conduct of many of the Public Administrations during the last 4 months fits into most of the offenses typified in this decree, "however, it is intended to burden the employer with all responsibility for protection," added the regional deputy.
In addition, defenselessness and legal insecurity are created by granting a presumption of veracity to public employees and health professionals who have assigned detection functions. Also article 3.2 a] is directly unconstitutional, “contrary to the provisions of article 18.2 of the Spanish Constitution. It allows entry without prior notification into the homes of legal entities, ”Salvador has specified.
Finally, the Assembly deputy has affirmed with his vote against that it is intended "to hold parents responsible for the infractions committed by their minor children, while their authority is increasingly undermined", as well as that The budget is increased to continue robbing Spaniards with fines, but they are unable to guarantee their safety. We will not consent to hold Spaniards responsible for the negligence of their rulers, "he concluded.

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