Ana Pastor tras la reunión con consejeros de Educación y Sanidad

The deputy secretary of Social Policy of the PP demands the Executive to assume its responsibility, according to the legal system. "Responsibility is never delegated," he says.

  • Remember that the Public Health Law states that, in a pandemic state, the health authority rests with the Government. "Sánchez must assume his responsibility and not look the other way," he asserts
  • It advocates presence in classrooms, provided that the necessary conditions are met, “because it is the best learning model”, and that educational plans are applied with measures so that teachers work in safe conditions
  • It is committed to performing diagnostic tests on teachers and workers in educational centers, the use of masks and maintaining distances
  • He maintains that "what is done in one place in Spain to prevent infection by the virus is the same or similar to what is done in another." "In terms of prevention we have to act in a coordinated way," he adds.
  • It warns that Spain registers "worrying" data in the number of infected, with the worst indicators in the EU and that therefore adequate preventive measures must be taken

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