Ana Pastor en una entrevista en TVG

"The law states that the management of the pandemic, of all international health alerts corresponds to the Government", highlights the deputy secretary of Social Policy of the PP

  • It demands a single protocol, shared and agreed upon by all "so that we know what to expect" and regrets that each Autonomous Community applies different criteria, such as taking the temperature in schools or taking tests. "The virus does not understand borders", he asserts
  • It is committed to creating a single public health body to have "automated and rapid" information, reinforcing the competences of the Ministry of Health, as well as the implementation of a human resources and strategic reserve plan
  • Remember that since the “new normal” decree was brought to Congress, 8,000 more people have died in Spain than in the previous year
  • The PP's "proactive" attitude to improve the health system stands out, as evidenced by the measures included in the Cajal Plan and its contributions to the Reconstruction Commission
  • It ensures that the Community of Madrid is making every effort to limit the effects of the virus
  • He describes as "irresponsible" that certain regional presidents stigmatize the capital or that they are encouraged to attend demonstrations
  • He maintains that Sánchez, in exchange for obtaining political support, is "selling our democratic model" and points out that yesterday's announcement about the granting of pardons is "another of the favors that they are doing to the separatists"
  • He describes as "very serious" that the Government intends to introduce changes in the Penal Code to reduce the penalties for the crimes of sedition and rebellion and also to do it "on the side"

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