La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Ana Pastor

The deputy secretary of Social Policy of the PP criticizes that, two weeks before the start of the course, there is no single protocol, which shows the "abandonment" of the Executive's functions

  • "The parents of this country look to the Government, Health and Education to tell them, besides that things are not going well, what is going to happen with the return to the classroom"
  • Remember that, in the face of a pandemic like the current one, the Ministry of Health holds the health authority and reproaches the Autonomous Communities as being "responsible for everything that happens in this country"
  • "In a pandemic, the health authority, which is the one that must modulate what affects us in public health matters, is the Minister of Health"
  • It regrets that, a month after the Reconstruction Commission concluded, "nothing has been done" regarding the agreements reached on health and the EU. "The agreements are for the Executive to implement measures," underlines the popular leader
  • He reproaches the Government for not creating the Public Health Agency or strengthening primary care, and regrets that Spain already registers the worst data on infections in all of Europe
  • Calls on Health to clarify which is the strategic reserve of medical supplies and which people will be vaccinated against the flu this season
  • He insists on the need to know the number of infected toilets since the pandemic began, because it is a "good indicator so that what has happened does not happen to us again"
  • It highlights that the PP has extended its hand to the Government to reach agreements, proposing up to eleven State pacts, supporting the state of alarm on three occasions and supporting the decree of the new normality

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