Ana Pastor en rueda de prensa

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the PP advocates applying "technical and objective" criteria in the management of the pandemic, because doing so "with political criteria is outrageous"

– "When you look at the country's health authority, you have to trust yourself and in Spain we have no reference to believe," says Pastor

– Share the "outrage" of health professionals, who demand that the Executive sit with the technicians and that they have a committee of experts

– Regrets that Spain has become the "talk" both of Europe and the rest of the world as a result of the "very bad" management of the crisis by the Government

– Criticizes that the Executive did not attend to the WHO alerts for the month of January or the reports of the Center for National Security and criticizes that it went from the "total bolt to the decree of the new normal, washing hands and passing all responsibility to the CCAA "

– "The Executive should have taken the lead and never leave their functions" says the popular leader, who rejects the continuous changes in criteria in relation to the use of masks, the purchase of tests or application of indicators

– Explains that the public health alert technicians did not approve the document sent by the Government prior to the Interterritorial Health Council and that seven public health directors voted against a text that "ended up being imposed, something that had never happened." "Three criteria were adopted without the endorsement of scientists"

– He wonders why the Government is applying different measures to Navarra, which leads in number of infections, and Madrid, where the Executive has opted for "tailored criteria"

– It demands the Executive to explain what led him to apply the state of alarm in Madrid after the TSJM overturned the restrictions in the community. "When they saw that they were not right, they imposed it," he adds.

– Claim to Sánchez that the modification of the public health law is urgently processed

– "There is no one to support the Government: it has shown absolute instability and is supported by the best of each house," says Pastor

– It vindicates the opposition work that the PP is exercising, proposing alternatives and denouncing what is done wrong. "What worries us is the health of the Spanish"

– He rejects the motion of censure that will be debated next week in Congress because "it only favors the Government" and points out that "it is not good to distract attention from what is important"

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