Declaraciones de Ana Pastor tras la Mesa de la Diputación Permanente

He hopes that the appointment of Dolores Delgado does not need to be appealed because the Government reconsiders it since, otherwise, “from the ethical, aesthetic and background point of view the appearance of impartiality, independence and objectivity would be questioned” that should govern the prosecution

  • Stresses that Sanchez has amended himself: “He has forged an investiture with those who said he would not agree; sleep with who said he would not sleep -We can-; and the hardest part: I never thought I would listen to what I came to hear from the heirs of Batasuna ”
  • "In my opinion, by applying the Regulations of the Congress, you cannot allow the State institutions or parliamentary groups to be insulted"
  • Alert against "the politicization of Justice" and stresses that Puigdemont should sit "immediately" before the Spanish Justice "and be tried for something as serious as breaking the law and also fleeing from Spain"
  • “The PP will be the most useful opposition to Spanish democracy than ever before in the history of our country; let's see many things ”
  • It guarantees that the PP will make an opposition “loyal to Spain, with content and not hollow phrases, in defense of unity and freedoms”. "If someone thinks that insulting us we will be silent and gagged, forget it," he adds
  • He points out that "if Spain has ever needed to have a democratic opposition in which all the center-right can converge, and even some absolutely awkward social democrats, it is at this moment"
  • Sanchez will have to explain why the new Executive will cost more money to the public coffers by having 22 Ministries and a senior structure, and stresses that "what is needed are trained and prepared people"
  • Thanks Borja Sémper for his commendable work all these years and his courage

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