La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Ana Pastor

"What has the Minister of Education done to make classrooms safe?" Asks the PP Deputy Secretary for Social Policy

  • “Those who show off and teach equality lessons are always late. The only thing that they are not late for is the newscast and the homily, but they really do not arrive at the management, "says Pastor, who recalls that the Government" is filled with the Covid plan when it approved it two days ago "
  • Remember that, although education is transferred, the management of the pandemic corresponds to the Executive, "which is characterized by looking the other way and blaming others for what they do not do"
  • It questions the usefulness of a Ministry of Education and another of Universities when the CCAA, instead of having a national protocol, have each had to make their own decisions
  • "Faced with the security that the Government has to give, it transmits uneasiness and compared to the trust that it must transmit to parents, it offers mistrust"
  • "When you talk about the budget, you look at the PP and say, ¿Where is?, but the Constitution states that it is up to the Government to present it. Why do they look the other way when they have responsibility? He wonders
  • He reproaches the Government that, "instead of worrying about the educational system, it does so about political marketing and propaganda"
  • Alert of the gap that the pandemic is opening among Spanish students. "We risk the future," he asserts
  • It demands that the scholarships take into account the economic situation of the families caused by the pandemic
  • "The PSOE has always loved education and health as the trench against the PP, because they understand it as something ideological and with sectarian overtones," he says
  • He advocates a global recovery plan for the entire education system, for applying specific containment plans in the centers and stresses that the PP has presented a National Digitalization Plan to reinforce distance education in the event of confinement
  • He regrets the "inflation" of ministries, because "in addition to spending more, it is managed much worse"

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