La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Ana Pastor

"No one can ask the PP to go against the principles of the legal system and the Constitution," he highlights

  • He maintains that there is a "before and after" after the attack by Podemos, a party that is part of the Government, and Vice President Iglesias to the constitutional model. "The attack on the parliamentary monarchy seems absolutely intolerable", he asserts.
  • It demands “transparency” and that “professionalism” criteria be applied in the election of the members of the CGPJ, to avoid situations such as the appointment of the State Attorney General, previously Minister of the Government of Sánchez
  • Remember that, up to three times, the Council has asked Podemos not to interfere in the separation of powers
  • "We cannot reach agreements with whoever attacks the judiciary," says the PP Deputy Secretary for Social Policy
  • It calls for the updating of health legislation to have more instruments to fight the pandemic and demands that the agreements reached in the Commission for Reconstruction be applied
  • The initiative presented by the PP to extend the ERTE until April stands out
  • He announces that he will ask parliament for a document that guarantees that the vaccines will reach our country and demands that his administration apply unique criteria throughout Spain, because "the virus does not understand borders"
  • It requires unique shared criteria when returning to the classroom, to prevent teachers from being tested in some CCAA and not in others. "We have gone completely to nothing", underlines the popular leader, who expresses her concern that, six months later, "the beginning of the course has not been well prepared"

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