He considers that "it is a real madness what Sánchez intends to do: you cannot have as allies, even if you like being president of the Government, the heirs of a terrorist band and those who want to break Spain."

  • He assures that the meetings proposed by Sánchez from next week are a “paripé, because he wants to wear a doll that he already has closed”.
  • Sanchez told Rajoy 'it's not no', the same thing he said to Casado after his offer of 11 state pacts, because he has chosen his partners, who are the same ones who drove him to Moncloa: “Bildu, ERC , which has its leader in prison, and the lords who have as leader a flight from Justice. ”
  • He criticizes the President of the Government for his “lack of transparency” in the negotiations and his lack of assumption of responsibilities in the case of the ERE in Andalusia, where “there have been leaders who have taken the money of the humble, of the people who they needed it, and nothing happens here, and the President of the Government yesterday did not answer questions ”
  • He considers it "regrettable" that, after a month, Sánchez has not called Casado and finds out about a meeting on Monday through the press.
  • Remember that "Sánchez has had four failed investiture votes." "Sánchez is an expert in having the country paralyzed," he says.
  • "Sanchez tries to transfer the responsibility to others when the responsibility is exclusively his."
  • "The PP will always be to defend the great issues of our country, such as the unity of Spain," he says.

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