Malaga, November 9.- The VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson in the Congress Tourism Commission, Patricia wheel, today harshly criticized the new restrictive measures that will come into effect in Andalusia at midnight, including the closure of all non-essential activities at 6:00 p.m. As he explains, "all activities are essential from the moment there are families who eat from them."

The deputy, who has not stopped meeting with the hospitality sector, both in Malaga and at the national level, to convey her requests to Congress, considers that for the regional and Central Government, the hospitality industry is not essential because "they do not they live on it. «The activity that each one develops in order to guarantee their livelihood or the viability of their business is essential.

Panic to the new stage

Rueda warns that the new restrictions will bring «panic to the new scenario, despair, huge application files for ERTEs even speak of the need for deficiencies for ICOS, because without income or with the reduction of the same they will not be able to cope with the payments".

For all this, the Malaga deputy criticizes the PP "taking the same measures as Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias." "These measures decreed by the PP and Ciudadanos make it difficult for many entrepreneurs, self-employed and workers to survive due to the drop in billing and the lack of measures." However, «only VOX opposes the confinement of the people of Malaga and Andalusia in their homes. To the halt that our economy is going to suffer. To the despair caused by such an imposition.

On the contrary, he explains, Malaga and Andalusia need “impulse measures for true change and recovery; to combat the scourge of unemployment and bans on working for those who are fortunate enough to have a job or for those who struggle every day to keep their business open.

End of 15,000 positions in the Capital

The deputy asks that the group of hoteliers in Malaga be listened to, which warns of the "serious situation that the sector is going through" and considers that, in such a scenario, "one out of every three businesses and only 15,000 jobs could be ended in the capital". "To this must be added," he denounces, "the denial of the ERTE after the last extension decreed by the Government, since the imposed absence of the CNAE from the hospitality industry hinders their approval by the labor authority."

The result of these early confinement policies "may mean that GDP will fall to -15 or -16 points in our province where trade and tourism are key," warns the deputy.

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