Malaga, August 18, 2020. – The VOX deputy for the province of Malaga and spokesperson for the Tourism Commission in Congress, Patricia Rueda, has reacted immediately to the news that the Government is going to ask a consultant for help to try to save tourism. Rueda has criticized that this decision is made almost at the end of the summer season, when "the sector has spoken since March and the Executive has not listened."

The deputy regrets that the Executive makes this announcement when tourism "has collapsed and continues to plummet." For example, the province of Malaga has already suffered a drop in occupancy below 40%; lower prices, and average of this lower than in other years.

"This Government has generated a crisis and a lot of uncertainty due to its inaction, few measures, as well as the unfortunate comments of Minister Garzón and Vice President Iglesias, which have contributed to hitting the image of the Spain brand abroad," he denounced the deputy.

In this line, the deputy has referred to the management of the Foreign and Tourism holders, who "little defended us against the mandatory quarantines for travelers from Spain in other countries." In addition, the Executive presented a plan for tourism "late and bad", as criticized by the sector itself

On the other hand, the deputy wonders why the Executive plans to go to a consulting firm: “Why not Turespaña or the technical officials of the Ministry? Thus, the Wheel once again recommends that the Government go to the sector's agents because "they know it better than anyone else and have shown interest in helping and contributing at all times."

Rueda also wonders how much money is going to be invested in paying a consultant. In this sense, the deputy considers that the money should be invested in the tourism sector itself since, again, she recalls the situation in the sector in "Malaga and in Spain is serious, very serious." "Reasons for the Motion of Censorship abound", points out Rueda.

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