The VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson in the Tourism Commission, Patricia wheel, has warned that "30% of shops have already closed their doors in the municipality and, in addition, have warned that a massive closure is expected after the summer."
Rueda met last week with the Benalmádena Merchants and Entrepreneurs Association (ACEB) and the Benalmádena Open Commercial Center Association (ACCAB), to whom he showed the NLP that the VOX Parliamentary Group has registered in Congress, where the Executive to adopt the necessary measures to protect trade and end counterfeiting and illegal sale in Spain.
The president of ACEB-ACCAB, Rosa Maria Gonzalez, thanked the deputy "for the interest and sensitivity of the deputy for the problems of our companies and businesses, and especially the presentation of this NLP on an endemic problem that we have in Benalmádena with illegal street vending."
After the meeting, the deputy lamented this "unfair competition" towards companies that "do pay taxes", and recalled that, after this type of illegal sale, "there are mafias that profit."
The tax loss at the national level due to street vending is estimated at more than 15,000 million in tax revenues and contributions to Social Security. In addition, this fraud causes the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, with estimates reaching 67,000, according to MINCOTUR data, and produces a total loss of sales of 83,000 million euros.

In addition, the illegal sale of products implies a risk to public health, since they are products that do not comply with the standards imposed by the regulations of the European Union and do not establish the hygienic-sanitary measures against the Coronavirus.

VOX councilors were also at the meeting Gema Carrillo and Miguel Angel Jimenez and the vowel of ACEB, VIt was Medina.

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