The VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson for the Tourism Commission, Patricia Rueda, today addressed the Secretary of State for the sector in Congress, to whom she explained the concerns that hoteliers, VTC, hoteliers, waiters, have conveyed to her in Malaga. cleaners: «They are concerned that the ERTES will not be extended, pay the Social Security contributions of the workers they have in ERTES and the payrolls of those who have been able to incorporate, they are concerned about how to face the quarters of VAT and other taxes, and not being able to work and they are outraged that they raise the quota of self-employed. "They are crushing them," the deputy qualified.

Thus, the tourism sector "does not need theory or assumptions based on the ideological agenda", but "It needs to guarantee its survival and certainty" and "measures to save those who foresee a closure this year or even next". «The tourism sector is dying and what we have are budgets with items destined for foundations, associations, UGT and CCOO, meetings and conferences, performance incentives, studies and technical work, which may well be destined for friendly companies ”, denounced Rueda.

Malaga, without aid

The deputy has denounced that, while the tourism sector suffers, "the budget for meetings in 2020 has been implemented when we have been confined."

Rueda has reproached the Secretary of State for Tourism for the 430-A Program, which invests in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, but does not include Andalusia or Catalonia, where "international spending on tourism has been reduced by more than 70%" and, he recalled that Malaga also depends on the tourism sector and there "many businesses are closing" and "they are not going to receive that money.

“Instead of reducing VAT, applying tax credits, eliminating taxes or establishing measures to create jobs and wealth, They present us with budgets in which public money is managed by different bodies, the obscurantism of millions of euros being striking for companies, public entities ”, has denounced.

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