Malaga, August 14, 2020. – The situation of the hotel sector is critical. On the Costa del Sol, according to a study carried out by the Association of Hotel Employers of the Costa del Sol (AEHCOS), occupancy in the months of July and August does not reach 50%. Devastating figures for an area with high seasonality.

For this reason, yesterday the VOX deputy for Malaga and Tourism spokesperson in Congress, Patricia wheel, together with the provincial president, Jose Enrique Lara, and the councilor for VOX in the Torremolinos City Council, Antonio Sevilla, they met with Luis Callejon, the president of AEHCOS, to analyze the situation in the sector. From the Association, they transmitted to VOX the need to extend the ERTEs until December 31, 2021.

A situation that Rueda directly describes as "terrible". "It is clear that tourism companies need what VOX always defends: lower taxes and even exoneration of some of them”, Explained Rueda.

"Not only is 2020 lost, the poor prospects will extend until 2021", warned the president of AEHCOS during the meeting, although he assured: "We are a winning Horse, as long as they bet on us for the next two years".

AEHCOS referred to the need for direct aid. In this sense, the VOX deputy has insisted since the beginning of the health crisis on the need to grant liquidity to the sector. “You will listen to me in all my interventions: employment and liquidity”, He repeated on each occasion in the Lower House.

In fact, on April 24, Rueda registered in Congress a Proposal No of Law relative to a stimulus plan for the Tourism Sector and among the numerous measures it includes adopting those that in the short term ensure the liquidity of the companies in the sector, payments installments, moratoriums, recovery of VAT passed on in advance payments for cancellations or changes, among others.

The deputy, after the meeting, has regretted that "there are businessmen who have been working and fighting for decades and, now, they see their business crumbling and they see a close closure." This will lead to an increase in the number of unemployed “soon”, as a result of “the high seasons with half occupation; lower average prices; shorter stays, quarantines in the main tourist-sending countries; deteriorated image of Spain ”.

Seville explains that the season "was already considered lost", but "it will be much shorter, because by mid-September hotels will begin to close". For this reason, "now we have to worry and act to save the 2021 season, since all hiring is stopped due to the bad image that Spain is projecting abroad."

For his part, the provincial president of VOX explained that the intention of this meeting was to know its reality and its problems in order to "provide solutions" to a sector that "It represents a key activity in Malaga and on which thousands of Malaga families depend".

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