Malaga, July 25, 2020. – The deputy of VOX Malaga and spokesperson in the Tourism Commission, Patricia Rueda, has moved to Rincón de la Victoria, where he has met with the VOX councilor in the municipality, Jose Rodriguez, to listen to the demands and needs of the Business Women Circle, the Merchants and Entrepreneurs Association (ACERV) and the Association of Hoteliers and Entrepreneurs (AHEMUR), (all of them from the Malaga municipality of Rincón de la Victoria), who live a critical situation after the pandemic and the fall of tourism.

During the meeting, the associations transferred to the deputy the problems that entail having to attend, at the same time, to the central, autonomous and municipal legislation. Given this, Rueda agreed to work from Congress for legislative harmonization, so that businessmen and merchants dedicate themselves to work and do not spend time in the administrative obstacles of the decentralized system.

From the three associations they valued positively a meeting with the deputy and the councilor of the municipality outside the electoral period. In addition, they agreed to meet with a certain frequency to monitor the situation and the demands of businessmen, merchants and hoteliers, since the needs of these unions change every year, as it has been seen this summer.

During the meeting, the deputy showed the representatives of the three associations the Proposition No of Law that, last month, together with other deputies of the VOX Parliamentary Group, registered in Congress, where they urge the Executive to:

– Exempt the holders of authorizations and concessions for seasonal services and vending establishments for food and beverages from the occupation and use of the Terrestrial Maritime Public Domain for 2020.

– Promote the creation of safety protocols for Spanish beaches, according to sanitary criteria, creating a guarantee seal with which to ensure visitors compliance with certain standard safety measures.

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