Malaga, October 3, 2020.- Patricia Rueda, VOX deputy for Malaga, is spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies in the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Commission. He has just presented in Congress a Proposal No of Law for the defense of trade against the disastrous management that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has been developing since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out.

In this regard, Rueda explained: “Yesterday we heard the news:‘ The Malaga trade is dying ’. According to data from the Malaga Commerce Federation, which groups more than 2,500 companies and 25,000 workers. His report includes the need for a series of measures to maintain jobs. Measures that coincide with those included in the Non-Law Propositions in which I have worked and that have been registered by the VOX Parliamentary Group. The most outstanding proposals go through making the ERTEs more flexible and lengthening, health security, training, campaigns that reinforce the image of Spain abroad and something that VOX always defended from its origin and that is already being heard more and more: eliminate bureaucratic obstacles, streamline procedures, reduction of income and corporation tax and the abolition of the Wealth Tax, the Inheritance and Donations Tax and municipal capital gains throughout the national territory ”.

The activity of the deputy for Malaga has not been limited exclusively to the field of tourism, which she qualifies as an "essential sector in our province", but is also aimed at improving "our primary sector, infrastructures, measures for the self-employed and businessmen, fairground activities, health, education, commerce, hospitality, nightlife, sheep farms, prison officials, State Security Forces, exports and imports, resources for our hospitals in the face of the new wave of outbreaks, measures for our older people, loss of population in the towns of Malaga, falling birth rate, untreated wastewater discharges into the Guadalhorce river and our coasts, the airport… .. ”.

Among the more than a thousand initiatives presented there are many measures that are aimed at improving the situation of the self-employed and entrepreneurs, as she herself points out: “Quota of zero euros if income does not reach the Minimum Interprofessional Salary and, once said threshold, a progressive quota from 50 euros depending on your income. Bonus of 100% of the quota while the self-employed worker is on leave as well as tax credits for hiring. "

As the deputy for Malaga points out: "They are the ones who create jobs, making it necessary to protect the productive fabric of Malaga and Spain."

Rueda also explains that “VOX is the only and real alternative that, from the beginning of the epidemic, in its Protegamos España program talked about guaranteeing wages for Spaniards and applying the only formula that works in developed and prosperous countries:“ Employment and Liquidity "in the face of misery and the queues of hunger to which this Government leads us."

And he concludes by explaining that: “That is why, now more than ever, the Motion of Censorship that we registered in the Congress of Deputies this week against the worst Government at the worst moment makes sense, responsible for us being one of the countries with the highest rate of deceased and infected and that brings us to the tail in economics, resources due to their inefficient and irresponsible management.

More than a thousand initiatives

In addition to the VOX Commission on Industry, Commerce and Tourism in the Congress of Deputies, of which she is the spokesperson, Patricia Rueda collaborates with the Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Commission and with the Road Safety Commission. Together, these commissions have presented almost a thousand initiatives in this legislature.

Among them, those that cover areas of activity as important for Malaga as leisure, tourism, nursing homes, the contagion of toilets in the province, the birth deficit or trade and exports, among others, stand out.

To present the proposals, since the legislature began, Patricia Rueda has met with representatives of 68 associations and organizations that cover a wide variety of areas such as business, labor or social.

Patricia Rueda is, in addition to being a deputy in Congress for Malaga, deputy spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group and Deputy Secretary of Spokesperson in the national direction of VOX.

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