The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities in operation, Pedro Duque, and the director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, have met with the objective of deploying a series of actions that allow the Spanish language to be a reference in science and technology .

As first steps, Duque and García Montero will sign a collaboration agreement in the near future and will organize a conference with all the actors involved in this field.

Among the most outstanding initiatives in this regard are the 'Think in Spanish' project of Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), or the most recent ES-Science, visibility and quality of science and the Spanish edition, whose objective is to strengthen Spanish as a language of scientific communication and boost the presence of scientific literature in Spanish.

The Royal Spanish Academy and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities They have also been working on the promotion of the Spanish language in the field of science and technology in recent months.

Duque and García Montero have agreed to highlight the universality of Spanish, currently spoken in the world by 7.6% of the world's population, representing a total of 580 million people.

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