Pedro Navarro durante la comparecencia del secretario general de Investigación en la Comisión de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades

The Science and Innovation spokesman points out that the Ministry of Science "did not defend that the researchers confined in the state of alarm could work, and now the one who seems confined is the minister"

"In the country with the most infected toilets, more than 42,000 deaths and the worst that has managed the health crisis," he regrets, "research has not been at the center of decision-making."

He recalls that the Popular Group has requested the appearance of all the senior officials of the Ministry involved in the emergence of the health crisis, and denounces that "three months later they are still in hiding"

He warns that "there has been no coordination with universities, autonomous communities, public and private research centers and companies"

"The minister has presented a Shock Plan from Science to Innovation that proposes legal reforms bypassing Congress, without dialogue and without consensus," he underlines.

He emphasizes that the Popular Group is willing to reach agreements that place Science at the center of public debate "if these arise from consensus and provided that they start from respect for the parliamentary process"

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