El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Pedro Navarro

Holders of his intervention:

  • The GPP Science spokesman, Pedro Navarro, says that “if the Government continues on the path of taxes and assignments to United We can, dividing the system in two and endangering the transfer of research to the economy, will face to the PP; but if they change towards freedom, they will always have our loyal support and collaboration ”
  • He warns that “with more taxes, such as the To Tobin Rate’ and the Google Google Rate ’, our science and innovation system will not advance.”
  • "According to the technology employer AMETIC, the new taxes will create barriers to market entry for 'start-ups' and SMEs, and will have a negative impact on users, up to 665 million."
  • He denounces that "large technology companies such as Amazon, Google or Facebook will pass the new taxes on the final price to small businesses, freelancers, users, non-profit organizations and public organizations that use these platforms."
  • Remember that Pedro Duque, in his first appearance as minister, said that Science, Innovation and University would close the virtuous circle, but "20 months later his Government has broken it by giving in to Podemos and dividing the Ministry in two."
  • Defend a pact for Science that addresses the challenges of the sector based on four objectives: "A commitment to society and the scientific community, a commitment to financial stability, a commitment to bureaucratic planning and reduction and a commitment to convergence with Europe" .
  • He accuses the Government of Sanchez of not having been able in these 20 months to "articulate new financing instruments, among other things, because they have not been able to approve Budgets."
  • "In just 20 months they have achieved the unanimous rejection of scientists, rectors and actors in general of innovation."

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