• The spokesman for Science and Innovation of the Popular Group highlights the ineffectiveness of the Minister of Health, "who has bought false tests, defective masks and respirators that cannot be used in our ICUs".

• He denounces that Salvador Illa "said in February that we had enough protective equipment, while the toilets throughout Spain made suits with garbage bags because his government was unable to protect them." "He has made many mistakes, but this is undoubtedly the most serious, not protecting them," he adds.

• Remember that Spain is “the country in the world with the most infected toilets”, 50,000, 76 of them deceased, and that 20% of the total infected are toilets.

• Stresses that the Socialist Minister of Health of the Government of Aragon "has resigned because she has abandoned to those who risk their lives to defend the lives of others, just like you".

• "You have resigned due to your mismanagement, for refusing – still today – to test everyone, exactly like you, but at least she has had the dignity to leave."

• He points out that Aragon is the third autonomous community with the highest mortality rate, after Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura, "all of them governed by the PSOE and in which the opposition does not give regrettable shows such as the one offered in Madrid by Mr. Simancas this weekend".

• “The socialist management in Aragon is a perfect summary of his. They only get it right when they rectify, "he says to the minister," do the same, rectify and, like your partner, leave. "

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