El senador, Pedro Rollán

"You only get it right when you rectify and this is a program that could solve everything that is to come, instead of raising taxes on the middle classes"

The senator of the Popular Parliamentary Group for Madrid (GPP), Pedro Rollán, has proposed a package of economic and fiscal measures, since "Spain needs the PP's economic plan to avoid the government's fiscal blast." This has been transferred today to the Minister of Finance at the control session to the Government, after taking an interest in the taxes that the Government plans to raise next year.

The Madrid senator has presented the minister with a plan with economic measures to activate the Spanish economy and protect the welfare state. Rollán, who has transferred the enormous concern for the health, economic, labor and fiscal crisis, has presented a program that "contrasts" with what the central government explained to citizens.

In his opinion, what Spain does need is to exempt from the payment of taxes the opening or reopening of companies failed by COVID-19 until the end of the year; recover and extend the flat rate of € 50 for self-employed; extend the payment of the ERTE until the end of the year, with special attention to the sectors most affected by the pandemic; create subsidized contracts to incorporate workers from layoffs as a consequence of COVID-19; or extend liquidity mechanisms to companies and the self-employed to avoid their closure.

In this sense, Rollán stressed that "our plan has been prepared by men and women with extensive experience in management, both in the public and private spheres, all of them of recognized prestige."


Thus, the senator of the GPP has explained other proposals to fight against the economic effects caused by the coronavirus, such as recovering the social card project that unites and centralizes, with transparency and responsibility, all aid from local, regional and national administrations , avoiding duplications; recover the economic credibility of our country to avoid the bailout to which the socialist government has already resigned; the creation of a competitiveness and flexibility plan to make Spain attractive to investment by foreign companies and industries and the postponement of taxes on self-employed and companies without income from the pandemic, among other measures.

Before concluding, Pedro Rollán has addressed the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, to emphasize that "this set of PP measures is just the opposite of your fiscal blaze, because you only get it right when you rectify and this is a program that I could pay for everything that is to come instead of raising taxes on the middle classes. ”

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