La senadora popular Adela Pedrosa Roldán

The spokesperson for Equality of the Popular Group and senator for Alicante, Adela Pedrosa, has described the website of the Ministry of Equality as “doubtful and opaque accessibility” and has reproached Montero that “since his appointment, he has become a symbol of the absolute inequality ”.

During the appearance of Minister Irene Montero in the Senate Equality Commission held today, Pedrosa criticized that for the Minister of Equality there is only one gender: "For you there is only one gender, that of women? Are the others They do not exist? What little empathy and what little gender perspective do they have, "denounced the popular senator.

In addition, the popular senator has considered that the "feminist" Ministry has decided to exclude men and although she stressed that "it is very positive that women occupy high positions and positions of relevance," we should not exclude anyone, we must guarantee a dignified life for all ”.

On the other hand, the popular spokesperson has asked the minister to explain what she has been doing during the 99 days that the state of alarm has lasted and has assured that "the Ministry, you and your team did nothing, nor did they take any action on gender violence, only spending money, 120,000 euros, to change the color of the letters in government advertising, to adapt it to your Ministry, the color purple. "


Regarding girls and women with disabilities, Pedrosa has indicated that "they are the great forgotten ones of a Ministry created expressly for Irene Montero" and has asked the minister to listen to this group and call them As they deserve.

“They are not people with functional diversity, nor different capacities, they are women and girls with disabilities. Please listen to CERMI woman and at least modify your botched law in this regard, that they are asking you and you are not even capable of getting it right ”; he has scolded Minister Montero.

In this sense, Pedrosa has highlighted that the Ministry of Equality has done “nothing” for these women during the confinement. “Girls and young people

with disabilities have not been able to continue their studies on line and they have been sanctioned and insulted for going outside ”


During her speech at the Commission, the GPP's Equality spokesperson also referred to the Women's Institute and its Discussions in Women and he has accused the minister of using it "as a tool to impose his gender ideology."

“Are you aware of what issues have been discussed and what have been the conclusions?”, She asked Irene Montero, while asking her to explain if she agreed with statements such as motherhood impoverishes women; that hoteliers and restaurateurs are homophobic; or that the supermarkets were full of men just because they wanted to skip confinement.


Faced with Irene Montero's policies, the popular senator has offered the proposals of the Popular Party to advance real equality: “The importance of blind CVs in general; a motherhood support plan; support for rural women, other great women forgotten by his Ministry; or the maintenance of the revisable permanent prison for sexual crimes ”, among others.

"Do you know what we women want in this country, Minister? That he who sexually assaults a woman pays his exemplary sentence," he asserted. "We say YES with capital letters to the permanent prison that can be reviewed in this country, it is essential to maintain exemplary sentences for murderers who kill women after being sexually assaulted," he said flatly.

Next, Pedrosa has come to the defense of the State Security Forces and Corps and has reproached the minister that "he still had not asked for forgiveness for his unfortunate statements", in which he stated that he was still being asked in the police stations a woman if she was wearing a miniskirt.

“We do not know in what parallel reality you live, but it does not correspond to the present time. Only a person who does not know how the units specialized in Gender Violence work can make these statements and it is very serious, being you Minister of Equality, who does not know it, ”he has denounced.


Likewise, the senator of the PP for Alicante has criticized the Organic Law of Comprehensive Guarantee of sexual freedom, known as the "sloppy Law", and has reminded her of the Ministry's tweet, QWe want the feminist scream, alone and drunk I want to get home, to become a reality. "That is the objective of the Ministry of Equality, that women go alone and drunk on the street? Is their occurrence an incentive to alcoholism? ", He asked Montero

Pedrosa has also urged the minister to "apologize" to the relatives of the more than 40,000 people killed by COVID-19 and to recognize that "it was a mistake to hold the 8M protests." Do you plan to tell us at any time since when did you know the danger of this virus? ”, he asked.

Finally, Adela Pedrosa has taken an interest in the Ministry's measures to help victims of sexual exploitation; by the minors protected by the Balearic Islands; and he has criticized Montero for the coercion of businessmen, urging them to change the design of their products.

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