The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has considered “absurd” the convening of a Political Table within the consultation phase prior to the drafting of the General Plan of the city.

The representative of Vox recalled that the person in charge of Urban Planning, Javier Cerruti, indicated last July that in the public consultation of the Plan "politicians had to shut up and speak only the neighbors, their associations and experts."

In this way, the mayor of Vox has refused to participate in the Sectorial Table of Politicians, considering that among the functions of Cerruti, which has only two councilors in the Corporation, “it is not possible to give and take the floor from the rest of the political formations at the time that suits him best and when he himself has already participated in as many tables he has considered appropriate ”.

The councilor has also regretted that to carry out this type of actions "he comes counting on the tolerance of the popular, his government partners, to whom he has subjected" since the beginning of the legislature and to whom he will "end up betraying".

"Politicians have to participate in all municipal affairs, not only in the preparation of the General Plan, at all times and always from the specific responsibilities assigned to them by the neighbors with their vote in the last elections," he insisted.

From Vox we reiterate that the Government team "is responsible for formulating a project for a future city" and the opposition "to develop proposals to try to improve it." "But without this initial project there can be no response from the opposition, something that Mr. Cerruti still does not understand," he clarified.

On the other hand, Pérez-Cosío recalled that “Cerruti did not have the opinion of Vox to appoint a general director of Urbanism and another of Innovation, to paralyze the transfer of the La Enseñanza school to Corbán, the railway reorganization or to try to install a gas station on Castilla street ”. "Now he will have to wait to know our proposal and must first explain what he wants to do with Santander," he added.

"In addition, your project will not be able to hide behind a citizen consultation that has been an absolute resounding by managing to interest only 0.57% of the residents, precisely because it has forced them to make their proposals in a vacuum", declared Pérez-Cosío .

To conclude, the Vox leader has highlighted "the enormous delay" in the drafting of the General Plan, so necessary for development and economic recovery after the pandemic and whose formal procedures have not yet begun.

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