The spokesperson of VOX in the City of Almeria, Joaquín Pérez de la Blanca, has visited with the Councilor for Urbanism of the Popular Party, Ana Martínez Labella, the Cerro de San Cristóbal and its surroundings to explain the actions that are going to take out in the rehabilitation of the area. This agreement was adopted between both political formations for the approval of the General Budget for the year 2020.

The VOX municipal group has repeatedly expressed that the action on the Hill is essential and necessary. This has led to both Pérez de la Blanca and Martínez Labella being cited in that enclave.

The Cerro de San Cristóbal is a splendid viewpoint, on whose top is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. From the top you can enjoy the best views of the Alcazaba, the city and the Mediterranean Sea. The spokesman of VOX considers that "an integral action of the area is necessary, to improve the monument and create access spaces to the hill, all this in order that we can obtain the maximum benefit of an enclave with great potential in the city".

The current state of the monument is very improvable, since there are numerous graffiti, broken bottles, plastics, garbage, which do not benefit the image of the city.

Pérez de la Blanca concludes by stating that “for VOX this action is key, we cannot allow this place to remain abandoned and thus we transfer it to the government team in the negotiation of the Budgets. For now, and as we warned, they have taken it seriously and we hope that the performances begin during this year. ”

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