In statements made to Europa Press, Rocío Monasterio pointed out that VOX will not give its support "blindly", without having sat down before to dialogue with the two parties with whom the pact should be carried out.

He has affirmed that VOX has been on the day immediately following the elections with his hand outstretched, hoping to make agreements and enter into dialogue, but that due to the refusal of Ciudadanos is becoming really complicated in a scenario that seems more difficult every day depending on all the time lost.

Rocío Monasterio has pointed out that perhaps, Rivera's refusal to reach any type of agreement or agreement is due to a directive order of Sanchez, which marks the agenda of Citizens. Or perhaps there is also the possibility that it is due to the inability of the training to make decisions.

In addition, he pointed out that VOX can not lead a negotiation, since we are the party with fewer seats of the three, so it is necessary to be flexible and dialogue to reach agreements, something that is complicated if they do not lend themselves to it.

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