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UNESPA It has held its Ordinary General Assembly this morning to renew its highest governing bodies. The event was held at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid. The Assembly was attended by a single application that has been widely endorsed by the partners. The entities have also designated the three vice-presidents, 18 members of the Executive Committee and the 33 members of the Board of Directors. Thus begins a new term of four years in the bosom of the Insurance Business Association.

Pilar González de Frutos (Navares de Ayuso, Segovia, 1956) has been ratified as president of UNESPA and thus begins her fifth term. González de Frutos holds a law degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and inspectorate of insurance of the surplus State. Throughout her professional career she has been the operations director of the Insurance Compensation Consortium (1988-1997), general director of Insurance (1997-2002) and, since 2003, she is the president of UNESPA.

The three vice presidencies have fallen to Mr. José Manuel Inchausti Pérez (Madrid, 1964), MAPFRE vice president and CEO of the Iberia territorial area; Mr. Javier Mira Prieto-Moreno (Madrid, 1969), general director of GRUPO MUTUA MADRILEÑA; and Mr. Javier Valle T-Figueras (Barcelona, ​​1969), managing director of VIDACAIXA.

José Manuel Inchausti has a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and also has an Executive Management Program from IESE. He joined MAPFRE in 1988 where he has held positions of increasing responsibility, such as MAPFRE's Director of Operations in Brazil, MAPFRE COLOMBIA's president, territorial general director in Catalonia or the group's CIO, among others. He is currently the third vice president of MAPFRE S.A., member of its board of directors, and CEO of the Iberia Territorial Area.

Javier Mira has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the CEU. He joined the GRUPO MUTUA MADRILEÑA in 1992. He started as part of the management and analysis team of MUTUACTIVOS, the group's manager, of which he has been successively director of fixed income and variable income. In 2005 he was appointed general director of MUTUACTIVOS.

In 2007 he held the general management of MUTUA MADRILEÑA, focusing in 2008 on the general direction of the Patrimonial Area. Since July 2015, he holds the position of general director of GRUPO MUTUA MADRILEÑA. He is also president of SEGURCAIXA ADESLAS.

Javier Valle is the general director of VIDACAIXA and a member of the board of directors of the entity. Since the beginning of 2019 he has been part of the management committee of CAIXABANK as executive director of insurance. He has a degree and MBA in Business Management from ESADE and has obtained the title of Community of European Management School (CEMES) at HEC in Paris (France). Valle, who is also a board member of Inverco, has developed his professional career in the insurance sector.

Before joining VIDACAIXA, he was the CEO of BANSABADELL VIDA, BANSABADELL SEGUROS GENERALES and BANSABADELL PENSIONES and CEO of ZURICH VIDA. In the group ZURICH was CFO in Spain and director of investments for Spain and Latin America.

In addition to the three vice presidents, The Executive Committee consists of the following 15 members:

• Mr. José Luis Ferré Arlández (GRUPO ALLIANZ).

• Mr. Francisco Ivorra Miralles (GRUPO ASISA).

• Ms. Olga Sánchez Rodríguez (GRUPO AXA).

• Mr. Eugenio C. Yurrita Goiburu (BBVA SEGUROS).

• Mr. Ignacio Eyriès García de Vinuesa (GRUPO CASER).

• Mr. Francisco J. Arregui Laborda (GRUPO CATALANA OCCIDENTE).

• Mr. Santiago Villa Ramos (GRUPO GENERALI).

• Mr. José Mª Sunyer Sendra (GES SEGUROS).

• Mr. Rodrigo Galán Gallardo (IBERCAJA VIDA).

• Mr. José Boada Bravo (GRUPO PELAYO).

• Mr. Ignacio Mariscal Carnicero (GRUPO REALE SEGUROS).

• Mr. Iñaki Ereño Iribarren (SANITAS).

• Mr. Andrés Romero Peña (GRUPO SANTALUCÍA).

• Mr. Francisco Giménez Bosch (SANTANDER SEGUROS).

• Mr. Vicente Cancio García (GRUPO ZURICH)

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors is made up of 33 people. These are the three vice-presidents, the aforementioned 15 members of the Executive Committee and the following 15 directors:

• Mr. Tomás Alfaro Uriarte (GRUPO AEGON).

• Ms. Benedetta Cossarini (AIG EUROPE).

• Mr. Pablo Mongelos García (CAJA LABORAL GROUP).

• Jordi Rivera Saganta (DAS SEGUROS).

• Mr. Joan Castells Trius (FIATC).

• Mr. José María Paagman (HELVETIA SEGUROS).

• Mr. Jesús María Blanco Díez (GRUPO KUTXABANK).

• Mr. Miguel Ángel Merino González (DIRECT INSURANCE LINE).

• Mr. Ignacio Querol Antich (MGS SEGUROS).

• D. Cristopher Bunzl (MUTUA DE PROPIETARIOS).

• Mr. Rafael Navas Lanchas (MUTUALIDAD DE LA ABOGACÍA).

• Mr. Pedro Herrera Nogales (NATIONAL REINSURANCE).

• Mr. Antonio Fernández-Huerga Fernández (PREVENTIVE GROUP).

• Mr. Pablo González de Castejón (GRUPO RGA).

• Mr. Enrique Jorge Rico Albert (LA UNIÓN ALCOYANA).

The governing bodies of UNESPA are highly representative. In them 81 entities of the 196 that are part of the Association are present. The Executive Committee groups companies that represent 76% of the business and 86% of the billing is present in the Board of Directors. In both bodies there are entities that operate under different legal formulas (corporations, mutuals and branches), distribution channels (traditional sale, bank-insurers, direct sales and multi-channel sales), as well as in all branches and geographical areas.

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