La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Pilar Marcos

Holders of his speech:

  • The GPP deputy spokesperson highlights the measures that "the Popular Party has demanded from the Government to avoid the destruction of income in very basic things for workers and companies, for ERTES, self-employed and SMEs."
  • He underlines that the minister has quantified that "6,300,000 people, in one way or another, will be unemployed in this crisis, added to the two million unemployed before COVID, we are talking about 8,300,000 people among the unemployed, self-employed who they lose the activity and people subjected to ERTEs ”.
  • It demands that "the salary supplements of the ERTEs reach their recipients. When will everyone start charging? ”
  • "The minister has spoken of postponements of quotas for the self-employed. We ask for exemption, "he remarks.
  • “When will the money promised with the extraordinary lines of the ICO come to SMEs? Where are those 200,000 million euros that Mr. Sánchez promised? Maybe they are in the same place as the false-tests that you bought from you don't know who? ”
  • He warns that "the Great Confinement will require a novel policy of reconstruction of incomes and productive fabric, but before inventing new mechanisms, it is advisable to guarantee that those that already exist work at full capacity."
  • It demands from the government all the details of the minimum income project that it wants to approve. ”
  • Remember that "the minimum incomes exist in all the Autonomous Communities, since according to article 148 of the Constitution are within its competence", and stresses that the PP defends the autonomous minimum income systems in force in all the Autonomous Communities.
  • He criticizes the Government for "the worrying balloons probes launched on account of the Minimum Income, although today the minister has not mentioned it. A measure that would have put even more difficulties for government negotiators who are trying to convince our European partners of the benefits of mutualising the costs of our destruction. ”
  • He warns that "the good weather is beginning to push large vessels dedicated to trafficking in human beings to our coasts, with canoes and boats," so he asks the minister "what is his Ministry going to do, if He plans to do something. "

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