Planas affirms to work to improve the vertebración of the sector hortofrutícola, as well as the negotiating position of the producers

A sector that has placed Spain among the top 10 producers of sweet fruit and as the first European producer of stone fruit and the second largest in the world, after China.

The minister said that the concentration of the offer is essential for producers to negotiate on equal terms, compared to a concentrated distribution.

He recalled that Spain has 800,000 farmers and ranchers, 30,700 agri-food industry and 6 companies in the distribution sector that gather more than 50% of the Spanish food market.

The minister has commented that since 2018 a Plan of measures for sweet fruit has been developed, in collaboration with the sector itself, to improve marketing and solve its structural problems.

Many of the measures, he said, have already been implemented, such as the modification of the regulations on aid to the operational programs of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations (OPFH) and which allows financing actions to adjust the offer to the demand, in addition to expediting aid to operational programs, which reach 220 million euros per year.

CAP Strategic Plan

Within the framework of the elaboration work of the Strategic Plan of the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the minister has detailed that from the Ministry an exhaustive analysis of the different agricultural sectors is being approached to identify the weaknesses of each one and design, in each case, the most appropriate measures to overcome them.

An analysis that includes, among other conditions, profitability, competitiveness, productivity, sustainability and adaptations to the necessary ecological transition, level of aid and foreign trade.

In the field of the fruit and vegetable sector, Planas highlighted the need for an Interprofessional organization that is "vital" for the promotion.

All links in the food chain should have a more significant role, according to the minister, and farmers and ranchers have to receive a higher pay for their work.

Food Chain Law

Therefore, the Ministry works to modify the Food Chain Law, within the framework of the transposition of the Community regulations on unfair commercial practices.

The sale at a loss will be regulated soon, the reference to production costs will be included and unfair promotion practices for farmers and ranchers will be banned, and the disciplinary proceedings will be published.

Regarding the organization of the offer, the minister has indicated that he works with agri-food cooperatives in Spain to have a more active role in certain sectors in structuring the offer, which is essential to achieve good prices and avoid situations As the sale results.

Regarding international agreements of the EU, the minister has referred to the strength of this sector that exports more than half of what it produces, but has also pointed out the need to be rigorous with imports.

He referred to the need to strictly comply with both sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, as well as entry prices in cases where quotas exist.

CAP negotiation

He highlighted the important role of the future CAP to be a real support for professional and family agriculture, "the immense middle class of Spanish agriculture", also in the fruit and vegetable sector. A CAP that will have an orientation not only of economic and social sustainability, but also environmental, of climate change mitigation.

Among the measures being promoted, the minister has referred to the recent meeting of the Food Chain Observatory, an extraordinary tool that, from the rigor of the data, analyzes the possible solutions.

This battery of measures created since the dialogue, stressed the minister, I hope they serve to make not only that the prices perceived by Spanish farmers and ranchers are fair, but that the image of the sector, the projection of the work of the field before the society as a whole, be it an activity of the future.

We are supporters, he concluded, of responding to the concerns of the sector through dialogue, with work, with commitment and with concrete measures. He has urged everyone to collaborate in order to achieve greater spreading of the sector and improve its position in the food chain.

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