Planas asks to assess the effort of adjustment of the fishing sector when establishing catches in 2021

The minister has underlined the effort and sacrifice carried out by the fishing sector in recent years, which has enabled the objective of establishing catches to levels of Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) to be met.

For the minister, it is important that the mortality ranges within the Maximum Sustainable Yield are used in order to maximize catches and take into account the specific situation in mixed fisheries. In any case, he pointed out that we must bet on the best scientific information available to guarantee the future of fishing activity.

In relation to the western Mediterranean and its demersal resources, Planas has indicated that the first steps have begun in the implementation of the multi-annual plan. He stressed that, by the year 2021, Spain is not in favor of additional reductions, because it is necessary to take into account the effects of the application of the Plan during this year before making decisions, as well as the necessary transition that the plan allows to reach the RMS in 2025 and the negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy of this fishing ground.

Regarding the obligation to disembark, the minister has defended maintaining all available mechanisms and flexibilities, and continuing the work carried out in the regional groups.

For the minister, another of the Spanish priorities is to improve safety and hygiene on board, the comfort conditions of the crew, as well as increasing energy efficiency, always respecting the capacity limits of the fleet, under the premise of a efficient and continuous control by each Member State.

Planas has ensured that the Ministry is working on a strategy, in coordination with the responsible ministries, the fishing sector, the autonomous communities and scientific organizations, to face the problem of increasing dolphin stranding.

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