Planas encourages the National Veterinary Body to continue working to improve the level of Spanish agriculture and livestock

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Acting, Luis Planas, has participated in the closure of the 46th ordinary assembly of the Association of the National Veterinary Body, which was held at the headquarters of the Ministry, in which different distinctions have been delivered to veterinarians who have distinguished themselves in their functions.

The minister has highlighted the work of the National Veterinary Body in a wide range of tasks such as the fight against the depopulation of the countryside, the commitment to young people and rural women, the negotiation and signing of sanitary agreements that facilitate the sector to improve its internationalization, the responsible holding of pets or the support of the agricultural insurance policy.

For this reason, Planas has encouraged veterinarians to continue working for the public service, and to increase the level of Spanish agriculture and livestock. In this way, the income of producers, animal health, food safety and, ultimately, the quality and quantity of productions will be improved. All this in a context of sustainability and care of the environment.

Finally, Planas has recognized the work of the Board of Directors of the Association and its effort to maintain a fluid dialogue with the Ministry.

During the event, the president of the Association of the National Veterinary Body, Quintiliano Pérez Bonilla, presented the plaque of Honorary Member to Minister Luis Planas.

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