Planas highlights the progress made to provide greater flexibility and efficiency to the management of the CAP

Among the advances made, Planas has emphasized the incorporation of the new application model of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to give more flexibility and efficiency to the management of this policy, which had been one of the main Spanish demands. As he underlined, the future CAP requires a clear and solid system that allows member states to design their strategic plans according to their needs, gaining in subsidiarity and reducing the bureaucratic burden.

The minister has pointed out that there is still room for improvements in the legislative proposals regarding the future CAP, such as greater administrative simplification in terms of unit amounts or improvements in the regulation of the common organization of markets, to provide sectors with instruments necessary to anticipate and adapt to market signals and consumer demands.

He appreciated the new proposal for a Community budget as a good basis for negotiation and expressed his confidence that the Member States will soon reach an agreement with the European Parliament on CAP reform.

The minister considered that the swift processing of the proposal for a transitional regulation is necessary to ensure that farmers receive aid from the CAP in the year 2021 and 2022 on a regular basis.

The measures programmed under the Rural Development Programs they must be able to continue to be carried out, especially at the present time. The minister has requested certainty and stability to work on planning according to the needs of the additional fund of the package called "Next Generation" in Rural Development, whose funds must contribute to the fair and balanced economic recovery of the sector and rural areas.

Planas has insisted before the European Commission that it maintain its efforts and try to avoid the imposition of new tariffs by the United States on European agri-food products and, in particular, on Spanish ones. In this regard, it has asked the Commission to be "prepared to respond if necessary", to compensate the sectors affected "unfairly" by these tariffs.

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